Canvassing For Voter Integrity

Defend Florida embarked on a canvassing effort in June 2021. Working in conjunction with Bobby Piton and Seth Keshel, our team gathered both current and historical voter extract data provided by the Florida Secretary of State’s office. Our goal was to determine if Florida’s voter registration database contained a significant number of invalid registrations and to determine if any votes cast in the 2020 election were unlawful.

We set up canvassing teams in counties throughout Florida and trained them to perform a non-partisan community service/canvass. Questions Asked: “What method did you use to vote in the last election?” and “Did you receive any extra ballots in the mail?”

Our canvassing teams are given the names, ages, party affiliation and 2020 general election voting method for every member of each household canvassed. As of 12/2/21 we attempted contact with 24,000 registered voters in 35 counties. We succeeded in making contact or gathering information from household members on 12,776 registered voters. Our efforts have resulted in 4,942 affidavits of voter fraud in Florida.