Who Are We?

Defend Florida is a grassroots, citizens organization. We are not incorporated, we are not a non-profit and we do not fundraise.

Defend Florida is a state-wide, citizen-driven movement designed to protect Florida and Floridians from Federal government overreach and to ensure election integrity. We have created a non-partisan, community canvassing task force of citizens who are speaking with registered voters throughout the state and identifying the weaknesses and fraud in our voting systems. We are meeting with supervisors of election and state representatives to communicate those weaknesses and designing legislation to mitigate the fraud. Defend Florida is recruiting and training citizens to become versed in local elected bodies at the county and city levels to provide citizen oversight for those bodies, We promote Constitutional education and host classes on the US Constitution. Defend Florida is recruiting, training and supporting candidates to run for state and local offices who will defend the freedoms and rights of We the People.

No one is coming to save us. Only We the People Can Save Us Now!